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source for comfort in a digital world

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Lack of comfort

There is a disconnect and lack of comfort in using technology products. Long hours of holding a phone, sitting in a hard chair, screens that hurt the eyes are among some of the problems.

health problems

Long hours of sitting, late night work, and poor nutrition choices can lead to weight gain and other health problem.

the user experience

Companies spend huge amounts of money trying to enhance the UI/UX (user interface/user experience). Often times, we spend hours learning the new interface. We become familiar only to see the interface change again!

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The dystopia


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The Utopia

your comfort in mind

We aim to showcase ergonomic products aimed at increasing YOUR comfort in often overlooked aspects of our digital lives. .

health by design

We look for and find ways to enhance YOUR well-being. Finding the very best supplements and sharing simple, quick routines to make YOU more product and feel healthier.

enhance the experience

One of the most prolific devices today is the mobile device. However, with so many settings and choices, it can be overwhelming. We design solutions to enhance YOUR experience and bring back the freedom YOU once enjoyed.

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Digital Comfort LLC

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